Funny Car Follies: 1965-1970

Issued in 2010, Funny Car Follies:1965-1970 is a black and white pictorial illustrating Steve Reyes' personal flashback of unique funny cars during the 1965-1970 years.   This is a self-published book limited to 500.  Autographed copy available for $65.

The Dawn of Pro Stock

Issued in 2013, The Dawn of Pro Stock covers the legends of the Super Stock era who stepped up and built some of the greatest drag cars to ever wear muscle-era sheet metal.  It documents the launch, growth and eventual parity battle Pro Stock went through with a few great stories interspersed.  Autographed copy available for $30.

Books by Steve Reyes:

Fabulous Funny Cars

Issued in 1994 with David Featherston.  Fabulous Funny Cars traces the evolution of this popular drag racing category, from the famed Super Stock A/FX cars to Castrol GTX "Forcemobile." with dynamic photographs that vividly capture the legendary cars and stars of yesterday and today. Out of print.

Quarter Mile Chaos

Issued in 2006, Quarter Mile Chaos illustrates the occasional times when things go wrong with cars crashing, catching fire, exploding, blowing up engines, losing wheels, running over timing lights, and much more.   Out of print.

Slingshot Spectacular

Issued in 2007, Slingshot Spectacular follows the history of the front-engine dragsters from 1963 to 1971, gathering great images and behind-the-scenes stories along the way.   Out of print.

Funny Car Fever

Issued in 2007, Funny Car Fever is a humorous, heart-felt, first-hand account of the most exciting and memorable years of the Funny Car class.  In its second printing.  Autographed copy available for $30.

Fuel Altereds Forever

Issued in 2008, Fuel Altereds Forever takes a look at the rare (or slightly crazy) breed of drag racer to slide behind the wheel of one of these exciting nitro-burning drag cars.  Relive drag racing's glory days through photos of these unusual cars.   Out of print.

Blood, Sweat and Nitro

Issued in 2010, Blood Sweat and Nitro is a black and white pictorial illustrating Steve Reyes' personal flashback of the long ago front engine dragsters from 1965-1970.   This is a self-published book limited to 250.  Autographed copy available for $65.

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